Richard Iamunno

CEO of AIC, Richard Iamunno has a lot of experience and knowledge in these fields:Advising businesses on how to use blockchain technology, banking, capital formation, and active tier 1 cryptocurrency trading to help them grow their businesses.

AIC worked with Monaco Marina Management Company (M3) to get into the luxury yachting business in Monte Carlo, Monaco. M3 is a company that manages the Monaco Marina (M3). Together, they give yacht brokers and marina owners a way to accept digital currencies in a way that meets industry rules.

Sponsorship of the U.S. Superyacht Association Summit in 2022: This will happen in March of that year. It takes place in West Palm Beach, Florida, and brings together people who work at the summit and people who own yachts to talk about the problems that the yachting industry is facing and how to solve them. As a sponsor, AIC was there to show people how digital assets can help them, especially in the luxury industry, which has been hit by a global pandemic. They also gave them information and suggested solutions.

Richard Iamunno likes to help businesses and organizations come up with strategies for investing in digital assets. This shows that he wants to help people learn about what's new, what's now, and what's coming up next. Before AIC, Iamunno showed that he was interested in new investment strategies in his work as the CEO of Online Gaming Systems, Ltd.